World Creativity and Innovation Day: A Celebration of Collaboration.

Our development as humans stems from creativity and innovation. This is the foundation for all that we see in existence today. The role of creativity and Innovation cannot be overemphasized in our world as it cuts across all sectors — from science to technology to art to entertainment.

Having a day dedicated to the propeller of our evolution is super important. Not only does it bring different people together, but it also provides an opportunity to provide unique solutions leveraging on different backgrounds.

The World creativity and Innovation day, a United Nations event is observed every year on April 21st to emphasize the role of creativity and innovation in various aspects of human development. According to the UN general assembly, creativity and culture do not only create an economic value, but also add a non-monetary value to lives. This eventually contributes to social development.

This year’s theme was well though-out as it highlights the importance of working together in providing value to our world. The theme of the World Creativity and Innovation Day(WCID) 2022 is Collaboration.

The Nest celebrated the day with Nigerian creatives and innovators at the hub.

Collaboration: The Cross-Sectoral Benefits of Creativity and Innovation.

This was the theme for the Nest’s WCID event. In attendance were reputable creatives and innovators across various sectors in Nigeria. Among them are; Tope Alake (Film and TV producer), Aan Cranberry (Bridal designer), Adeola Alfred (Creative Director of Luabi Makeovers), Shotomiwa Ajibola (Creative director of KISA), Opeyemi Famakin(Food and Wine Critic), Olumide Falasinu(CEO Atoms Technologies Ltd) and Marcus Maxwel(Creative Artist).

Jim Friedman, the chief steward of World Creativity and Innovation Day gave the keynote address on Collaboration. Our amiable moderator was no other person than Otor Matthew. The panel sessions touched upon the importance of creativity in different fields, as well as the opportunities and experiences of creatives and innovators in this age. The event featured an exhibition alongside the panel sessions.

The two panel sessions featured the guest speakers who dwelt on balancing global acceptance and authenticity. The conversations revolved around cultural relevance, creatives owning their art, retaining originality while serving clients and a guide to effective collaboration.

The guest speakers further encouraged creatives and innovators to work on their portfolios as good works pave way for more opportunities. The event ended with a question and answer session followed by networking.

We appreciate our guests, and every creative and collaborator who came out to celebrate this year’s World Creativity and Innovation Day with us at the hub.

The event was proudly sponsored by Switch Media, Doctora, Cast, KISA, Fayrouz and Atom Technologies ltd.




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The Nest Innovation Technology Park Ltd

Training Facility | Co-Work Spaces | Innovation Centre | Business Lounge

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