The Nest launches Nestlings Playbook across Nigerian Universities

The Nest Innovation Technology Park, in partnership with Campus Innovation Circles (CIC), has announced the launch of The Nestlings Playbook, an innovative program designed to address the unique challenges faced by founders across universities in Nigeria.

The Nestlings Playbook is specifically tailored to provide the undergraduate community with a sandbox that offers access to resources and support they need to explore the digital economy. This will enable founders to gain valuable experience and knowledge without bearing the significant risk associated with implementation.

According to Peter Ogedengbe, Co-founder of The Nest Innovation Technology Park,

“Partnering with CIC is a bold step aligned with our strategy to provide support and access to resources to promote innovation and create awareness amongst young people, which will directly impact the Nigerian economy and Africa at large.”

The Nestlings Playbook’s innovative program is aimed at empowering student entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential and make a real impact in the African entrepreneurship ecosystem. This will create a pipeline of entrepreneurial talent who, by graduation, are already competing actively in the market or are second-time founders by graduation and can satisfy the demand for such expertise in a broader ecosystem.

The project lead and coordinator, Toyin Bamidele, emphasized that

“We strongly believe that the undergraduate community is the next frontier for creating prosperity in Africa. This strategic partnership is one of the biggest collaborations to support founders across university communities exploring digital entrepreneurship to create prosperity. This strategic relationship will contribute to Africa’s transition to a digital economy through youth engagement as we navigate the path to creating inclusive and sustainable development in Africa.”

The Nestlings Playbook kicked off its flagship program with 15 university communities in March, and the call for applications has begun.

This project is poised to change Nigeria and Africa’s environment for founders across university communities, creating a new generation of entrepreneurs who will influence the direction of the nation’s economy.

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