The Nest Launch as the new Technology and Innovation Support Centre in Lagos.

In partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Nest is now the official Technology and Innovation Support Centre in Lagos. TISCs provide innovators in developing countries like Nigeria with access to locally based, high quality technology information and related services, helping them to exploit their innovative potential and to create, protect and manage intellectual property rights.

The launch was graced by high profile guests from the industries directly involved with intellectual property rights.

The Keynote speaker was DR. Ituku Elangi Botoy from the World Intellectual Property Organization. Barrister (Mrs) Stella Ezenduka was represented by Christian Okeke, the Senior Assistant registrar, Trademarks, Patents and Designs.

Other invited guests include; Mrs Ireayo Oladunjoye, Head of Startups Lagos Innovates; Ms Victoria Onyeagbako, Intellectual Property & Human Resource Manager, Innova8e Hub, Abuja; Olufemi Shonubi, CTO/CEO Edutech Global; Dr Adebola Akindele, Group Managing Director Courtveille Business Sol. Plc; Mr Ayo Adetula, Snr Associate Aluko &Oyebode, Dr Oluwatobiloba Moody, Assistant Professor, Queens National Scholar, International Economic Law; Mr Adebayo Fabamise, Managing Partner Cresthall Attorneys; and Mr Adeleke Alex-Adedipe, Managing Partner Duale, Ovia & Alex-Adedipe, who was represented by Mr Sodiq Tobi Adedeji.

The guests highlighted the challenges faced by innovators in understanding intellectual property rights and mistakes made by innovators in Nigeria. Awareness about these rights will go a long way in helping innovators reap from their intellectual property.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Ituku Elangi applauded the Nest team’s dedication to innovation and technology. He’s encouraged to visit Nigeria later in the year. The Nest hub is contributing immensely to the Nigerian economy by supporting and investing in creatives, startup founders, innovators, entrepreneurs and tech professionals.

The audience had a filled day as the event attracted professionals and enthusiasts across Nigeria. Questions were raised about the recent lawsuit against Peak Milk and Gala, filed by Sabinus (aka. Mr. Funny). The situation was dissected by the special guests invited. The “Sorosoke” copyright conversation came up as well.

Some of the guests emphasized that so much money is left on the table by Nigerian creators with respect to intellectual property. It is one thing to create something and another thing to make money off the creation. This is the importance of education and raising awareness about the TISC Centre in Lagos.

The event was an awakening for creators, innovators and researchers present. Following this launch- the Nest hub as a Technology and Innovation Support Centre, creators, innovators, researchers and intellectual property rights enthusiasts can now visit the Nest hub for more information and processing of patents, copyrights and. trademarks.

The Nest as a TISC offers the following services:

  • access online patent and non-patent (scientific and technical) resources and IP-related publications
  • assistance in searching and retrieving technology information
  • on-demand searches (novelty, state-of-the-art and infringement)
  • monitoring. technology and competitors
  • basic information on industrial property laws, management and strategy, and technology commercialization and marketing.

The launch ended with a photograph session after which people exchanged contacts.



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