The Nest is Leading the Intellectual Property Conversation in Nigeria.

Every now and then, you read the news about an individual or corporate entity being slammed with an intellectual property theft lawsuit. To an average Nigerian creator and innovator, this experience seems distant and non-relatable hence, the indifference or short-lived commentaries that follow such occurrence.

Suffice to say, many Nigerians are not aware of their intellectual property rights. This is ironic for a country known globally as a hub for the finest talents and minds.

Obviously, there is a knowledge gap here and this is the essence of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s initiative — Technology and Innovation Support Centres all over the world. The Nest Innovation Technology Park was launched as a TISC centre in May, which means anyone can walk into the facility to enquire about intellectual property rights and obtain answers.

Following the launch by WIPO, the Nest has made it a top priority to educate creators and innovators in Nigeria on the subject of IP. The Nest has since hosted a Twitter space and Instagram live, which featured question and answer sessions on the subject of intellectual property. Amosa Shukurat, an Intellectual Property Consultant was the guest during these sessions.

Due to the nature of the conversation, the Nest organized a physical event at the hub to help people in the creative and innovative space better understand how to protect their brands.

The keynote speaker was Christian Aniukwe, Legal Counsel at Aluko and Oyebode. The four panellists include Amaka Nwanyie Esq., Managing Partner at MyLawyerSabi; Kelechi Achinonu, Regional head at HiiL Innovation Hub; Akinyemi Ayinoluwa Esq., Entertainment lawyer and Partner at Hightower Solicitors; and Thomas Bamifewe, Founder Marketleag. Shukurat Amosa brilliantly moderated the panel session.

The event kicked off with the keynote address, after which the audience was engaged with questions to test their knowledge of intellectual property rights in Nigeria. The answers were not revealed till the end of the program, meanwhile all the questions were answered during the panel session.

The panel touched upon registration of businesses, trademarks, patents; as well as copyrights and trade secrets. The IP law was dissected, the audience learnt the importance of knowing their rights as creators and innovators because ignorance can rob them of the proceeds of their IP.

It was indeed an important conversation that should be had often. The Nest team brilliantly selected highly experienced people as panelists, this made the event wholesome. It was indeed a success. The participants were grateful for the opportunity.

The event ended with a photo session with the participants and guests.

According to the Nest management, this is one of many conversations to come.

The Nest is devoted to supplying creators and innovators with resources to better position them for excellence. Right now, the Nest is actively leading the Intellectual Property conversation as a TISC centre in Nigeria, and the participants are growing by the day.

For more information on Intellectual Property rights, visit the Nest hub today.

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