The Nest is driving Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development — WTISD 2024


Every year, on May 17th, we celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the critical role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in shaping our world. This year’s theme, “Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development,” highlights the importance of using digital technologies to promote entrepreneurship, drive economic growth, and achieve sustainable development goals.

In Nigeria, innovation hubs are pioneering this digital revolution. These hubs provide an environment where entrepreneurs with big ideas can access the resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities needed to bring their visions to life. They are instrumental in driving digital innovation, empowering individuals to create solutions that address local challenges and contribute to sustainable development.

Innovation Hubs are the Incubators of Change.

Innovation hubs are much more than just physical spaces. They are vibrant ecosystems that nurture creativity and innovation. These hubs offer a range of services, including access to state-of-the-art technology, business development support, and opportunities to potential investors.

A shining example of an entrepreneur who has excelled within such an environment is Grace Darko. Grace is impacting the health and wellness industry with her innovative idea of making TigerNut pastries. She wanted to create nutritious and delicious snacks using locally sourced ingredients. And with the support of an innovation hub, Grace was able to transform her idea into a successful business, providing healthy food options and creating job opportunities in her community.

Another inspiring story is that of Seun Sangoleye, the founder of Baby Grubz. Seun was a participant in one of the initiatives partnered by The Nest. Her Brand focuses on providing healthier food choices for babies using natural ingredients. Seun’s innovative approach addresses a critical need for nutritious, locally produced baby food, promoting better health outcomes for Nigerian children. Her success demonstrates the potential of digital innovation in the food industry and also highlights the role of innovation hubs in bringing these talents to light.

However, the impact of innovation hubs extends beyond these individual success stories. By supporting entrepreneurs like these, they contribute to broader economic and social development. They help create jobs, stimulate local economies, and promote the adoption of sustainable practices. Additionally, innovation hubs serve as platforms for knowledge sharing and collaboration, driving collective progress towards national development goals.

Here at The Nest Innovation Technology Park, we are very invested in providing opportunities that will empower the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs to leverage digital technologies and create solutions that address local and global challenges. By providing the necessary support network and structure, we are laying the foundation for a more prosperous and sustainable future.

The whole world needs digital innovation.
Together, we can make it happen.

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