The Nest at 3 — A Celebration of Consistent Service to the Growth of Innovators.

How best do you celebrate a hub devoted to empowering the economy through innovation and technology?

March was a memorable month for the Nest as it’s her third year anniversary. And we couldn’t celebrate it better at the hub, we did what we know how to do best — Celebrating innovation and technology in business.

In the past three years, the Nest hub has consistently shown up to her promise of facilitating growth in various spheres of influence in Nigeria and abroad. We have accommodated the best of minds in Africa.

Our network of users, who are fondly called Nesters, are top tier solution providers across different fields. We delight in providing them a nurturing environment to accelerate their career as they reach for the stars.

Our initiatives thus far are targeted towards the growth of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, creatives, startup founders and tech professionals.

It’s our third year anniversary and we cannot be more proud of our accomplishments.

We appreciate our partners, employees and collaborators for taking part in our initiatives and for buying into this dream.

We celebrate our co founders; Oluwajoba Oloba, Peter Ogedengbe , Olusegun Maleghemi and Seun Awojobi (ARMN) for remarkably steering this ship.

The Nest will continue to support and contribute to technology and innovation in every sector as it positions the nation for economic growth.

Cheers to doing more in service!



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The Nest Innovation Technology Park Ltd

The Nest Innovation Technology Park Ltd

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