The Neon Christmas Party


You might be wondering, Why Neon?

Well, we decided to do things a notch higher, like we always do.

All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy.

And we don’t joke with Nesters (The hub users), it has been a long year of so much work, meetings overload, presentations here and there. Ending the year with a Christmas party was the sweetest thing to do.

To say the day was fun is an understatement. We had our faces painted with Neon colors, games were played, there were enough drinks, small chops and asun made the day, to top it all, we listened to the best choristers in Yaba sing!

Our beautiful Choristers @ The Nest

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

What’s a Christmas party without a Christmas carol? All thanks to the fantastic staff of Dataleum, and Bcube. (These are companies we have in the hub) They came together as a choir and rendered the songs perfectly.

There was also Christmas karaoke, and most importantly award presentation.

A lot of companies were awarded for their commitment to the hub, some individuals were also appreciated for how well they interact with everyone in the hub. Young Money T and Onome ensured we had a swell time, they hosted the party and made sure our teeth were visible all through.

Mr Joba presenting an award to a representative of Dataleum

Mr. Joba, and Mr. Peter, the founders of The Nest Hub, were in attendance, the party ended with lots of pictures taking, networking, and dancing. Shoutout to Switch media for always covering our shots.

It’s never too late to be a part of the hub, we are actually expecting you next year.


Writer- Zainab Atanda



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