The Inside Life of a Nigerian Creative with Oni Godwin Toyosi


Nigeria’s creative sector is a thriving industry driven by young and talented individuals. But what makes Nigerian creatives stand out? Well, they’re not just talented; they’re also tech-savvy professionals, adept at using digital platforms to connect with people worldwide. For them, It’s all about crafting solutions that resonate with people and businesses alike.

The Creatives Hub, an initiative of The Nest spoke with one of such Creative Professional, Oni Godwin Toyosi who is a Social Media Content Creator and Sales force Administrator. He had a lot to share with us and it was quite interesting to also learn from his experiences.

So, let’s take a deep dive into Oni’s creative journey. We’ll explore the twists and turns that have shaped his path to growth in this interview. Because in the world of Nigerian creatives, every story is a masterpiece waiting to be told.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as a creative?

My name is Oni Godwin Toyosi. I am a social media content creator and a Salesforce Administrator. I create video and written content and have amassed a community of over 170,000 people across all my platforms.

My journey as a creative? It has been filled with many experiences — teachable moments, regrettable actions, development of personal traits to combat trolls, and generally learning everything I need to learn about managing local and global communities.

What inspired you to pursue your chosen creative field?

It did not start intentionally. I was just interested in social media and everything around it. I was still an undergraduate when I started my journey on X, and I found the platform as a place to share my opinions and jokes and divert my attention from the stress of school. It turned out I could get people to laugh, think, and keep coming to my page for more content. My interest increased when I realized I could earn from the platform. I was excited to explore and see how far I can go. Thankfully, I can see that I have gone far now. I believe I still have depths to go.

What mediums do you primarily work with, and why do you find them appealing?

I love X. Because with just a few words, you can touch the hearts of thousands. I also think it is the platform with the most honest users. People share their realities on the platform — unfiltered. I find it fascinating. Daily, I get so many people to come into my DMs and meet new people and exchange ideas. I know this can also be done on Instagram, but there is just this authenticity that comes with X (of course, formerly known as Twitter).

Next to X is Instagram. I love Instagram because it is one of the best platforms to build communities, which I love doing. Lately, I have also realized that I love Instagram because of its aesthetics. I love videos of people dressing and generally taking care of themselves. I find them to be therapeutic.

Then, maybe TikTok and YouTube just for relaxation. When I need to laugh, I go to TikTok. When I need to watch videos I can learn something new from, I go to YouTube.

Can you walk us through your creative process? Where do you find inspiration, and how do you translate it into your work?

I find inspiration from real-life conversations and the things I consume. I discuss personal development and Christianity on social media platforms and try to infuse my content with humor. I am naturally humorous, so putting out funny content is not difficult for me at all. I love the idea of making people laugh and generally making them feel good. I do it in real life, so when I try to engage in real-life conversations where I share my opinions or tell jokes, I bring that vibe to my online audience.

I like to say I am naturally a creative person. I can get something big out of a few resources. Another thing I love is jumping on trends. I love doing this because it is spontaneous. Once there is a trend, I jump on it and try to infuse humor. Seeing that thousands of people can relate to the little thoughts in my head is therapeutic. And I win because I get more visibility on my page. That is one thing every creative person who works online must know — the best way to jump on trends and leverage the visibility that trendy topics give.

What challenges have you faced in your creative journey, and how have you overcome them?

Creative blocks. I get tired sometimes. And truthfully, it is not something I have completely overcome. Every creative person can relate to the fact that you are never constantly inspired. There are high times and there are low times. Sometimes, you really want to create stuff and have the ideas in your head, but you are not mentally or physically able to execute those ideas. Every creative experiences this. For me, the two ways I attack it are — to work on the ideas regardless of my mood or state or completely jettison it. I do not postpone because the ideas become stale and boring when I finally get to them. I either decide to create content regardless of my mental state, or I just completely throw away the ideas and wait till the right time. So, it’s a thing of the mind, I guess. You just have to make a decision. Do you want to do it or not?

Do you often explore particular themes or concepts in your work? If so, what draws you to them?

I love it when the content I put out is value-driven. When people read this post, what do they get afterwards? You know, there are various definitions of value — humor is value, creativity is value, thought-provocation is value. Personally, I will unfollow you if I feel like I am not getting any value from you. You have to offer something valuable to me. That value makes me stay after you post something that attracts me to your page.

Can you share a project or piece of work that you’re particularly proud of? What makes it special to you?

I have done a lot. I was the sole Twitter influencer for last year’s FinTech week in Lagos. Getting the numbers and hitting the target made me proud of myself. Recently, I shot a video for Cleva, and they’ve gotten thousands of sign-ups. I shot that video in my bedroom, but even I am shocked by the results it has gotten.

How do you stay motivated and inspired, especially during creative block or self-doubt?

By watching other creators, speaking to them, and collaborating with them. Also, I listen to motivational speakers. I know some people do not like the idea of listening to motivational speakers, but I do. I draw inspiration from their words and reassure myself that I am doing the right thing.

Have other creatives or artists influenced or inspired your work? If so, how?

Yeah. I don’t want to mention names because there are a lot. But shouts out to every creative doing amazing work on IG. By amazing job, I mean people who inspire others or make them laugh without being vulgar.

What do you hope people take away or feel when they experience your creations?

Like I stated earlier, I want them to feel better. If you are sad, I want my content to make you feel light-hearted. If you are demotivated, I want my content to motivate you. I want them to watch my videos, read my threads, and feel better than before they saw them.

Do you think the country rewards creatives enough?

No. It does not. Many people generally believe you must be rich if you are creative, so they short-change you whenever they can. It’s sad. You have to be at the top before you get full rewards.

Do you have any advice for aspiring creatives just starting their own journey?

All I will say is to be consistent in delivering value. That is just the totality of my advice. To get the best of your field, you have to deliver value, and be consistent at doing so.



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