The Community Hangout that rocked the Nigerian Creative Community

It is no news that every last Friday of the month is the Nest Community hangout. If you are not aware, you are sleeping on the opportunity to meet and chill with the finest minds in the creative and tech space in Nigeria.

So about last weekend…

The hub was full as our community members came along with their friends to have fun. Unlike the previous hangouts, the management opened the hangout to new people who wanted to join the community.

This particular hangout was different, we hosted Africacomicade, the biggest gaming community in Africa.

The hangout started with the Nest’s fun way of introducing its members, followed by a game that jogged participants’ childhood memories. Group 2 mercilessly flogged group 1 by a margin of 4. It was a painful one, who knew techpreneurs and creatives are not good at taking a beating. Victoria Ogunwemimo, the Community Manager did an excellent job consoling them.

As more people joined from different parts of Lagos, the famous Nest doughnut was served with other light refreshments. In no time, the room became dark, and everywhere was silent. What’s happening? Zainab Atanda, the Head of Comms at the Nest, in her gentle manner introduced the guests coming up next.

The projector came on and everyone sat tight to enjoy the next item on the program. A young man in African print wearing an afro took over. He introduced himself as Oscar, the cofounder of Africacomicade. Oscar showed what the Africacomicade community has been up to in the past few years, and went ahead to display animations and games built by Africacomicade digital creators.

It was a jaw-dropping experience for some participants as they never imagined such wide-ranged creations exist digitally in Nigeria.

After the video projection, he explained the different areas creatives can plug into the gaming industry. According to him, just like the tech industry, the gaming industry needs creatives — communicators, marketers, developers, storytellers, project managers, designers, etc. His address was like taking people into a new world of possibilities.

There was a question and answer session during which participants won tickets to the coming Gamathon organized by Africacomicade. The floor governor for September was elected using a digital product called Cheers(Cheers builds team culture by helping employers to continuously collect real-time feedback about their employee’s feelings), built by a Nest community member, after which there was a heated debate about a controversial subject.

The hangout ended with networking, some participants played games — including those built and set up by the Africacomicade community.

It was a hangout that participants won’t get over in a while. Stay tuned for the September edition.

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