The Code and No-Code Skills at the GirlCode Academy


Tech skills, as it is usually called, is a combination of code and no-code skills. This means when a person says they are in tech; their skills may fall under code(programming) or no-code skills.

For example, a product designer in tech is using a no-code skill in the tech space, and they are as valuable as “the tech professional” (the software engineer).

In essence, while there are code skills/roles in tech, there are also no-code skills/roles in tech. GirlCode Academy offers opportunities to learn any of the two categories.

What is GirlCode Academy?

Girlcode Academy is a platform focused on human capital development of talented and aspiring young female Nigerians who have passion for acquiring technical skills in areas of software and digital skills development.GirlCode is a project positioned to encourage the participation of aspiring young women in the tech space.

Founded in 2017, GirlCode has trained many young African women in Software Development and Product Design in Nigeria.

Alongside the training is a follow-up system designed to assist in securing internship placements as well as secure full-time engineering jobs for some of the participants.

So far, the women have grown in their respective chosen fields and have become Team leads, Technical writers, Product managers, Senior software engineers, and Product designers in companies like Goldman Sachs, Afara Partners, VGG, and so on.

GirlCode Academy employs high flyers in the tech space as trainers for different cohorts. Among them are; Helen Adesola (Solution Delivery Engineer, Processmaker) and Chidinma Okafor(Software Engineer, Andela).

Recently, GirlCode Academy in Partnership with Women in Tech Nigeria graduated 1000 women in Cyber Security, Product Management, Software Engineering, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing.

Here are some testimonials from the beneficiaries;

“The training has been impactful and life changing. The outstanding thing for me was the patience of the Facilitators, their dedication and patience are commendable. Every part of the training was beginner friendly.”

— Ngozi

“I appreciate the mentors and the organisers of the programme, it was done well. The classes were well organised and thorough, I grasped every detail well.”

— Rachel

There is now no excuse for women who desire to transition to tech in Nigeria. Women can now acquire tech skills, be mentored and access global opportunities through GirlCode Academy.

The GirlCode Academy is looking to reach more women by operating in multiple cities across Nigeria; both offline and online.

Are you a woman looking to transition into tech?

Or Do you know any woman who needs this opportunity?

Visit today to begin this tech journey.



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