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Like never before, creativity in Nigeria gains more ground as the day goes by.

We see artists spurring out music in studios, comedy skits all over the internet, actors exploring their craft through YouTube, and so much more.

Yet while all these happen, thorns also raise their ugly heads. Creatives rely on the media for publicity, and that comes with cons.

Hence, the need to organize more programs like the just-concluded New Media Meets Law, that took place in our hub on the 13th of October, 2021.

Thanks to CrestHall Attorneys, especially the likes of Mr. Adebayo Fabamise and Mr. Ifeoluwa DuroBello who stepped into the shoes of the absent guests.

They shared a lot about the need to protect one’s work as a creative and also how careful you have to be before accepting endorsements.

The place of lawyers in the entertainment industry was duly expressed at length.

Mr. Oyinda, an entertainment industry collaborator popularly known as The music business guy also shared the grit and intelligence that has to be in place for upcoming artists to scale fast.

Our distinguished guest of the day, Mr. Sani who is popularly known as Mclively, shared with us via Zoom, his journey as an entertainer with a background in law.

"Process is part of the story to success, it's best you don't skip it."

These were the final words of Mclively as upcoming artists took turns to entertain everyone with their music.

It was a day spent well and we look forward to hosting more impactful events like this.

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