International Coworking Day Spotlight: Celebrating Some Phenomenal Nesters


On this International Coworking Day, we are celebrating phenomenal innovators and value providers in our community at The Nest.

We are proudly shining the spotlight on five exceptional individuals who have not only graced our vibrant coworking community but have also made significant strides in their respective fields.

Each member has brought their unique flair and expertise, and today, we celebrate some of their achievements, aspirations, and the journeys they’ve embarked upon.

Get to meet some of these remarkable members at The Nest:

Eniola ‘Price’ Oladipo

Founder/CEO, Pitcherd People

Meet Eniola, a visionary social entrepreneur and SCRUM-certified product and people manager. As the Founder and CEO of Pitchherd People, Eniola spearheads a skill incubator and talent placement startup that is empowering a community of over 1000 young women to attain financial freedom through meaningful employment and entrepreneurship. His dedication to advocating for jobs and equitable opportunities is not just inspiring but also life-changing.

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Folawiyo Aminu

Associate at RMI Africa Energy Program

Fola is more than an associate; he’s a catalyst for change. With a focus on accelerating affordable and clean energy access in sub-Saharan Africa, Fola’s work at RMI’s Africa Energy Program is driving impactful solutions. Beyond his professional endeavors, Fola finds joy in running, cycling, and immersing himself in nature. An avid football fan who is passionate about his fantasy league and he enjoys reading sci-fi, fantasy and African literature. Fola embodies a balanced pursuit of knowledge and passion.

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Oluwaferanmi Iyanda

Deputy Programmes Director, Step Up Nigeria

Feranmi is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of development and anti-corruption advocacy. As the Deputy Programme Director at Step Up Nigeria, she orchestrates strategic initiatives and educates through anti-corruption education, communications, and government relations. With her role as West African Youth Anti-corruption Ambassador, Feranmi radiates inspiration for change.

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Adedayo Ajala

Principal Consultant,Virals n Signals Agency

Virals n Signals isn’t just an agency; it’s a powerhouse of digital marketing prowess. With an unwavering commitment to strategic campaigns, from SEO to social media and beyond, Virals n Signals sets the benchmark for excellence. As a Digital Marketing Skills Academy, they equip individuals and professionals with the essential skills to conquer the digital landscape.

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Ngozi Ume

Software Developer

Meet Ngozi, the software developer who weaves magic through lines of code. With each stroke of her keyboard, she transforms abstract concepts into functional art. Ngozi’s journey through the realm of software development is a testament to her commitment to innovation and learning.

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At The Nest, we’re not just a coworking space; we’re a thriving ecosystem that nurtures brilliance, fosters collaboration, and celebrates diversity. Join us in celebrating these phenomenal members who exemplify the spirit of innovation and community on this International Coworking Day.

We raise our glasses to Eniola, Fola, Feranmi, Adedayo, and Ngozi for their inspiring journeys and contributions that enrich The Nest.

As we celebrate our community members’ achievements, we also invite you to embark on your own unique journey at The Nest. Join us in fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and success.

Happy International Coworking Day!

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