How to Keep Your Knowledge and Skills Current in an Evolving Space.

In a world that keeps evolving, standing out in any industry becomes a challenge because we are not naturally inclined to change as humans. Standing out in this age requires high level of intentionality as work processes keep evolving.

This means it is important to stay updated in your niche to stand out. Standing out is tasking and requires commitment, it is not a one-time event, you would have to continuously work on it. This brings us to your knowledge and skills.

Your knowledge and skills can be the difference between landing the assignments and clients you want and struggling to prove your value.

If you work in an industry that keeps evolving, having knowledge and skills above and beyond the basics of your field can give you a professional advantage.

Here are five ways to keep your job skills and knowledge updated;

1. Use Online Resources

With the advent of the internet, there is no excuse when it comes to learning. The Internet is a limitless source of free information and educational resources. You can easily access free useful resources in your industry via the internet.

You can read educational blogs or social media accounts of industry experts, or bookmark and regularly check industry news sites and online forums to stay current on the latest trends.

Subscribe to newsletters of industry experts in your niche and you get to have latest updates delivered in your inbox weekly. The possibilities are endless.

2. Attend Professional Events

Professional events are valuable ways to learn about growth and development in your industry. Local companies, business associations, and professional groups often host seminars, forums, or workshops that can give you direct access and insight to experts in your profession. Treat these events as constructive networking opportunities to brainstorm and share ideas with colleagues who can provide fresh insight and perspective. Take any opportunity you get to converse with professionals in your niche.

3. Network Online

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of building and maintaining a list of contacts to ensure a steady flow of work. Use LinkedIn and Twitter to your advantage, connect with high-ranking people at companies you’re interested in working with. Also, ensure you utilize social media platforms to promote your own service or brand, network with industry experts, and keep in touch with former and current clients.

You can begin by finding which social media platform works best for you, connect with followers on Facebook and Instagram, creatively network and share your thoughts on Twitter, or utilize blogging to boost your online credibility, and connect with potential clients.

More than anything in this age, you need to position yourself well on the internet and improve your visibility.

4. Follow Thought Leaders on Social Media

Social media platforms have given thought leaders an outlet for sharing valuable information, insights, and practical advice. Search out and follow both industry leaders in your niche and leaders who specialize in skill areas you want to build.

By reading regular posts from them, you not only gain additional knowledge, but you also get to build relationships by engaging with their posts and increase visibility for your business and skills by sharing their content. Understand that on social media, you are seen in the light of your activities. Hence, connect with leaders and build perception.

5. Determine Hard and Soft Skills to Develop

It is not unusual to feel comfortable with one’s level of knowledge, but to keep up in an evolving space, you need to get comfortable with assessing your skillset from time to time.

Conducting a self-assessment to determine your hard and soft skills and target those you want to develop should be a priority in your professional development. A self-assessment test will measure your natural ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, and you’ll get access to personalized reports that help you better understand what makes you unique and how to use your strengths to reach your full potential.

Maintaining enhanced knowledge and skills in your field shows you are well informed and dedicated.

In this age, make it a priority to set yourself up for success by investing in your skills and knowledge.

Do the work and standing out automatically becomes a byproduct.



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