How The Nest Empowered Over 50 Resourceful Entrepreneurs through Foundry.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Foundry. You gave me what my business needs at this stage. I look forward to getting more from Foundry and you should also look forward to getting tagged in my success stories.

This is one of the many feedbacks Foundry got last week, at the end of the Foundry SME Bootcamp training.

Now, here is the gist.

Last month, Foundry called for applications for the Foundry SME Bootcamp — a 2-week intensive training program for small businesses. This training was designed for resourceful entrepreneurs to empower their businesses to scale and position them for sustainable growth.

Foundry, being an initiative of The Nest has been a great resource for entrepreneurs for the past one year. This initiative birthed the Foundry SME Bootcamp which addresses the major challenges of small businesses — support/access to finance and infrastructure, mentorship and training.

The support and access this initiative offers go a long way in enhancing small businesses’ growth and development.

The last edition of the Foundry SME Bootcamp tagged Foundry 3.0, was a success. The fifty-five participants were awarded certificates upon the completion of the 2-week long program. Foundry is indeed empowering solution-providers as these participants are solving problems in different spaces — Fashion, Photography, Design, Agriculture, among others.

The participants were equipped with resources and up to date information on how to position their businesses for sustainable growth. The program was an interactive and practical one as it leveraged the experiences of the participants to highlight areas and opportunities they were missing out on. The intensive program was weaved around Business strategy, Finance, Sales, People Management and Leadership, as well as Marketing and Goal setting, which came as bonus sessions.

The participants have these to say about the training;

“The program was very inspiring, educative and engaging. It was a boost to enable me take my business to my desired level.

I now understand on a deeper level that my target markets are people, not necessarily locations. I also got the opportunity to network with fellow enterprising CEOs.

A very big thank you to Foundry for believing in what young people are about towards contributing to the development of the nation. You guys are just awesome! Do keep up the good work.

Thank you Foundry for putting this Bootcamp together. Even within the short period of time, you were able to pass on valuable knowledge. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the benefactors.

Every entrepreneur should experience the Foundry bootcamp. It’s a place to grow.

From the feedback, it is evident that the Foundry team delivered all round.

The seasoned facilitators at the Foundry 3.0 include Olatunde Victor, Segun Maleghemi, Adetola Adelusi, Agnes Adebiyi, and Nwanne Nwohu. It was a remarkable achievement for the Foundry team, and The Nest in extension.

Will there be another SME Bootcamp? Definitely!

Be on the lookout for updates.

Apply Now

Deadline Date is 20th March, 2022.

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