A Golden Opportunity for Creatives: The Nest’s Partnership with Accelerate TV and Access Bank

Starting out as a creative in Nigeria can be daunting as there is no system in place to educate budding creatives on their journey. Besides the likely chance of not being taken seriously by family, friends or the society, some of the questions on the mind of an average creative person ranges from What am I doing? To What will my future look like if I go on with this?

While a young creative is questioning his/her career choices, a successful Nigerian creative is getting thousands of engagement on his timeline on Twitter. He wonders how s/he can also make it.

This is the reality of many young Nigerian creatives; the mentorship gap is glaring. This is the problem the Phoenix Project is solving.

The Phoenix Project is designed to help creatives find their paths within the creative industry. This project offers unfiltered access to the fundamental and technical skills needed for young individuals to excel in the creative space.

The Nest will be facilitating the incubation program at the intermediate and advanced levels.

We are honored to be a part of this impactful project for creatives in Nigeria.

Are you a creative person looking to learn how to navigate your path? The answer is The Phoenix Project.

Visit www.phoenixprojectng.com to learn more about this golden opportunity set to rock the creative industry.



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