The Nest Innovation Technology Park Ltd

Can you take a guess?

We got two other awards!

After being nominated among others, The Nest Hub emerged winner of the Leadership Excellence Award, presented at the Leadership Roundtable Summit that took place recently.

The award was presented in recognition of our contributions towards the Socio-Economic development in Nigeria by supporting Entrepreneurship and advancing the frontiers of development through innovative leadership.

This is another great win for us and we are once again honored to be recognized for all our efforts.

That’s not all, the Nigeria Association of Software Testers, also awarded us as the best co-working hub that supports Nigeria tech community.

You might be wondering, Why Neon?

Well, we decided to do things a notch higher, like we always do.

All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy.

And we don’t joke with Nesters (The hub users), it has been a long year of so much work…

Thanks to The Nest Hub and DearArtisteTM for launching an event that fosters networking and growth. Many now look forward to enjoying their Sunday evenings with good music, food, and vibes.

The first of its kind held on the 30th of October, at the popular Nest lounge located at the…

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” These are the words of Li Keqiang, and of a truth, we’ve seen this progress as an organization.

The Nest Hub is known for impact, we are not just in business to make money but to influence and support innovation.


Like never before, creativity in Nigeria gains more ground as the day goes by.

We see artists spurring out music in studios, comedy skits all over the internet, actors exploring their craft through YouTube, and so much more.

Yet while all these happen, thorns also raise their ugly heads. Creatives…

“Building Beyond Ife” is an event that aims to link the past with the present. An opportunity for recent graduates and current students to connect with OAU trailblazing Alumni community.

The goal of the project will be to make the startup journey for new founders of “student-based startups” a lot easier, improve student access to the alumni network of the University, create a platform for interaction with key stakeholders in the University community and create access to potential coaches, mentors and faculty members.

This event will bring together both innovators that have built amazing products/service and those currently on the path to building the next sets of global products, also key stakeholders in the university community.

It’s a date with game-changers and problem solvers. You don’t want to miss it.

Reserve your seat here:

The Nest Innovation Park is a leading innovation centre that provides entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups and small businesses with dynamic training facilities and workspaces have today, announced its partnership with Mayhaven Innovation Hub, a hub that offers business incubation, co-working spaces, digital training services and management consulting.

The partnership between The…

The Nest Innovation Technology Park Ltd

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